Friday, February 25, 2011

dusting off the old sewing machine

i'm looking forward to my weekend project.  dusting of the old sewing machine! literally dusting off.  literally old.  as you'll see below this little guy hasn't come out of its box since about 1988 (when i was 8). you might not believe it - but i was quite the quilter back in the day.  won my fair share of blue ribbons at the good ol' hardwick fair and 4-h competitions.  impressed?!  my mom was... she'd hang my creations all around the house.  even if the patterns and seams never matched up. i even remember going to a quilters guild...when i was 8!

hoping it's sort of like riding a bike.  and thankful that i still have the instruction manual.  fingers crossed i can get it to work! not sure what my first project will be - think i'll start small.  wish me luck!

couple pics of some treasures i found in the box.

ella loves these erin stickers.  i remember having these all over my stuff back in the day (very territorial i guess)
 apparently i had some mean cross-stitch skills as well


  1. That post brought back some memories. I think I actually tagged along (i.e. was forced to go) to that Quilter's Guild thing too but that memory is kind of hazy.
    I also very clearly remember your blue quilt that hung in the living room for about 12 years.
    Mrs. Wilber would be proud!

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! Nannie still has MY grandmother's sewing machine! No electricity required, just foot power! Sewing and exercising at the same time!!!