Tuesday, February 1, 2011

thankful tuesday, 2/1

as noted in an earlier post - to know that god's hand is in this thankful tuesday, is to know and give thanks for the great blessing that it is. just a few of the ways god has shown his sweet gifts this week.
  • one thousand gifts by ann voskamp
  • hearts of flutter in his presence
  • cards, collage and calico critters day
  • phone call with adrian - miss her so
  • ashley & addy visit
  • impromtu dinner with cheryl & richard at our local hot spot
  • friday night movie night - even if the kids' anticipation and excitement leading up to it is better than the actual "viewing"
  • white elephant gift popcorn bowls that are now our movie night bowls
  • cousin laura's baby shower and adorable baby stuff
  • this cake

    • dear dana and her special birthday
    • anna's taqueria
    • these kids and sleepovers

      • game night with friends
      • simple sundays
      • answered prayers for a friend and words of encouragement
      • cute kids in the nursery
      • little girl secrets

      • snow day projects
      • wes' snow fort turned "sledding" hill
      • catching snowflakes

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