Saturday, February 9, 2013

nemo blizzard bits

a look at how we spent the 2013 nemo blizzard via instagram!

snowy morning snuggles

but then it was out to check out all that snow...30+ inches!

back inside for baked french toast and a warm cup of tea or cocoa

lots and lots of valentine's making

snow buddies

indoor buddies

chili for my snow removing stud

snowman "making" since nemo snow isn't quite right for building

matinee movie snuggles

daddy (& jane) vs. mommy (& bennett) game of cribbage

mommy and bennett win!

more creating...bags to carry their valentine's to school

mommy under disguise and trying to sneak in a wee nap

but nope...these girls found me and wanted in on the snuggles

statewide driving ban was lifted, so it was out to get OUT!

yes please...toasting to a memorable 2013 blizzard!

now its time for wine and a movie with this guy!

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