Wednesday, February 27, 2013

the blooz

we woke up monday morning with a bit of the post weekend / post school vacation blues.  bennett and i were flat out grumpy, grumpy, grumpy.

after a few failed puzzles and while waiting to hear back from a friend about a last minute playdate, we dug through our library bag and came across this gem.

stuck with the blues by caron levis is about a little girl (who we pretended was a boy) who had a visit from "the blooz." a big blue blob, who like the child can't seem to shake the grumpies.  not even band-aides, popsicles, cuddly blankets or cheese sticks could cheer it up.

after giving it some thought the two characters built a fort, cuddled, made a song out of sighs, colored a picture and then turned it into a paper airplane and let it fly.

so...bennett and i did the same.  we got out our blue clay to make our own mr. blooze.  then we built a fort, cuddled, made up a song out of sighs, colored a picture and turned it an airplane and let it fly.

and guess what?!  the blooz went away, just like in the story...and just in time for our friends to call back to confirm the playdate.  see ya later blooz! 

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  1. Blooz and I would like you to know that this post brought us so much joy!
    Thanks for reading and for sharing these amazing activities.
    All the best to you and Bennett,