Tuesday, February 12, 2013

thankful tuesday, 2/12

  • how much that little boy loves his sister
  • milk and cookies...girl scout cookies
  • being snowed in with my little family
  • getting out after the storm
  • a sunset sledding adventure
  • worship with a baby in my arms
  • an afternoon with the mansfields in their new home
  • jane's snowman friends
  • making summer plans
  • fever snuggles with ella
  • visiting julie in her new home
  • rascal squirrel stories
  • a "hearty" meal
  • all baby girl clothes
  • an afternoon ingrid and the boys
  • playdates when you can actually chat with your friend too
  • bennett's eskimo kisses...even if they come along with a bit of nose boogs
  • dowager countess, branson and matthew crawley moments
  • getting to parent everyday with wes

1 comment:

  1. making summer plans- AMEN.
    i am sooooo ready for warm weather and sunshine:)