Friday, February 1, 2013

winner...create...give away

thanks to all of you who are joining in on the bits & bobs fun this week. the winner of the silly photo booth props is melissa g...yay!

up next is create! if you click on the create tab above you'll get a glimpse into some our handmade crafty projects...both mama and kid sized.  fabric, color, paint, glue and making a big ol' mess in the process is a passion of mine.

for today's play give away - a set of fabric bracelets.  i wear mine all the time!  to enter - leave a comment on facebook or in the comments section below. 

"creativity is contagious...pass it on"
                        - albert einstein


  1. I love those bracelets, I definitely would wear one all the time. Especially if it was made by Ella.

  2. now, i know i shouldn't be greedy b/c i already have an adorable yellow & grey set, but THESE are gorgeous!