Thursday, February 14, 2013


you know how much we love a handmade valentine.   well, here was this years. i must say they came out pretty cute. but these were not sent off to school today.  they sit here at home.  because 5 minutes after we bagged them up and took this picture it looked like this...slimed! i got a chuckle out of this, and thought you might too.  here's the story and some pictures too!

ever since we made monster goo (borax & glue slime) back in october, my kids ask to make it all the time.  we love the slimy yet solid texture - it's just so fun to play with!  bennett had the idea of making some for each of his classmates for valentine's day.  i thought, why not,  people sometimes give playdoh, and this is kind of like that.  we could include a little tag that says "you make me feel all squishy inside." i thought i'd also email all the moms to let them know what it was,so they weren't like "what the heck!"

so we strapped on our aprons to whip up several batches of goo.  it was a real science lab in here mixing up our valentine colored pink, blue, green and purple slime.  then we divided it out and put into little baggies and glued on some googly eyeballs.  he was so excited!

i then whip out my camera to take their photos - like i always do.  5 minutes later we came back to this mess.  the bags of goo split open and slime all over the table.   while completely bummed...i was also so very relieved.  i can only imagine the parents and teachers would have just loved for this to have happened in the classroom or in their kid's backpack. 

a quick run to cvs for a box of valentine's saved the day...phew!  a royal creative failure...but a good story for sure!  happy non-valentine's!  if you are looking for us, we'll just be here playing with our massive stash of squishy goo!

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