Tuesday, February 26, 2013

thankful tuesday, 2/26

  • jumping over rainbows
  • the father's everlasting love for us
  • not being afraid
  • binkies
  • school vacation and freedom from schedules
  • tapping grandma & papa's maple tree
  • pizza & playing with the cousins
  • new chapter books with bennett and his excitement and anticipation when we close the book until the next time
  • downton with the girls
  • downton debriefs
  • sipping wine from pretty tea cups
  • breakfast at one of my favorite places on earth
  • my hometown
  • an afternoon with ashley and our baby girls
  • the lord's timing
  • waking up to beautiful snow covered trees
  • that jane loves her car seat
  • when last minute playdates save the day
  • books & loves from texas
  • sore muscles 
  • a day with my brother and the kids' uncle loves
  • public bathroom dance parties with kids
  • movie and popcorn with the daisies
  • paper airplanes

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